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Very weak PC muscles

So what is a super pussy? Well, a super pussy is a vagina that is able to, because it is so strong and powerful, make a man ejaculate or not ejaculate with its own strength. An example of a super pussy—this is an über super-pussy really— a friend a mine knows this woman in Thailand, which is the land of very powerful pussies, because they have been trained to do that. She put three men in the hospital because she did not know her own strength. What, you might ask, are the benefits of having such a strong vagina? Well, most women, especially western women, and probably most of the world now, have very, very weak PC muscles. PC, meaning pubococcygeal. Learn more at and This is the muscle that we use to stop the flow of urine. It is also referred to as your Kegel muscle. People say, “You have to do your Kegels!” Actually, DONʼT DO YOUR KEGELS because they donʼt work. Kegels are one of the most useless exercises that I could conceive of. The reason being, when you think about it, if you want to strengthen a muscle like let’s say, your bicep, do you go like this? Do you just wave it around in the air? Or do you pick up a weight and then do you press? It is resistance that creates strength. We need resistance to build muscle and the vagina is no different. You need to have something in the vagina to grip onto, to create some kind of gravity or resistance and pull. You have to flex that muscle in a very powerful way. If you didnʼt know, there is a Guinness World Record holder for the world’s strongest vagina! It is a woman in Russia and she is able to lift 31 pounds with her vagina. What she said, is that she noticed after she gave birth to her children that she felt like she was quite weak in that area. She read that in the Taoist philosophy women used to practice vaginal weightlifting. They would insert a jade egg into the vagina and attach weights to it. She tells a story that she just grabbed a ball, a glass ball that she found in her house the first time and started to practice with that. Then she got so hooked on the practice, she began having her own weights custom made for her. It has paid off! What she says is that with five minutes of practice a day and I quote: “Ladies you will be able to give yourself and your man unbelievable pleasure in bed.” So why, is this relevant to the G-Spot? Well, the stronger and more sentient that your vagina is the more you are able to tune into that area and then help your partner in that process of responding to stimulation. I practice vaginal weightlifting and one of the most incredible gifts that I have received from doing that is a sense of vaginal sentience. I actually feel like my vagina perks up as this other entity that has awareness in my body. Iʼll be walking down the street and I feel like: there is me and there is my vagina! It definitely increases sensation, Iʼm much more sensitive to touch and stimulation and I feel like I actually become articulate. Learn more at

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