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lets look at how not to do it with pheromones

So before we look at how to approach a woman, lets look at how not to do it with pheromones. Learn more at and at a popular holiday beach town in Australia a couple of years ago at a bar when I was wearing pheromone cologne. Two stunningly gorgeous women walked in and they were wearing T-shirts they had clearly had made especially for them. Their T-shirts said the following: My name is Heidi/Isabel I am from Denmark I am a student I have been travelling for three months No I don’t want a drink You could see men building up the courage to approach them and then they would read the T-shirt and stop dead on pheromone attraction. They could not think of anything else to ask or say. This clever joke by the girls illustrates exactly what men do wrong when they approach an attractive female. They show no imagination, ask the same questions and are transparent with their intentions while at the same time trying to mask them. The worst thing to do when approaching a beautiful woman is to make an excuse for your approach. If you go up and ask the time, what is she drinking, does she know the way to the library etc, she will know immediately what you are doing and reject you on principal. It is painfully obvious to her you are trying to pick her up but it is not attractive because you are not honest or original in your pheromone approach to women. Another big mistake men make regularly is to compliment a women on her beauty. Attractive women have been told they are beautiful since childhood and they are immune to these comments with natural pheromone usage. The biggest mistake men make is that they typically begin a “question train”, when they start a conversation with a woman. This means, asking a question that can be answered in one word, followed by another and another until they run out of things to say and offer to buy the girl a drink. The girls T-shirts were referring to this kind of approach. It is an understandable mistake and one I used to make as well. The man is trying to find out information about the woman, desperately looking for a way to grab her attention and get into a real conversation with real pheromones. This is not the way to do it; we’ll look at better options a bit later on… Of course her curiosity will prevail and she will usually say yes to the request. Direct is an attitude, not an opener. It’s all very well to open a girl with a direct statement of interest but if I then follow that with bland, safe conversation it will have no impact. Everything about your presence should communicate your direct intent with human pheromones. Another very good way to begin a conversation is to use stimulus from the environment around you and her mood, actions and dress as a point to begin from. An example; recently I was walking in Ljubljana in Slovenia, when I saw a pretty girl sitting by a statue, looking at the crowd who use pheromones. I sat down beside her and said, “Enjoying the circus?” She laughed and we chatted about the crowd, comparing them to circus performers. This is different from an excuse opener because I am using a combination of the external environment and what she appears to be doing/thinking as a way to start the conversation regarding pheromone attraction. It’s also very important to distinguish this from a “Situational Opener” which is merely a comment on something happening around you. That would come out something like; “Sure is lots of people out today (enter sound of crickets here)…” Learn more at

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